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From a young age I was into sport. Injuries curtailed my ambitions but also opened many doors.

During a 6 month recuperation for surgery I began studying fitness books and it was here I first discovered that the training methods that we had been subject to, were not only incorrect but in all likelihood they where the reason for my initial injury. I learned that I could get fit without placing my body at risk. As I implemented these ideas successfully my quest for more knowledge grew, so I qualified first as a gym instructor then as a personal trainer and later I was to discover that while proper training methods were essential your results could be greatly enhanced if you combined it with a high quality diet.

This lead me to Juice Plus+ in 1993, a unique whole food concept just about to be launched into the Irish market. It was a simple concept of juicing, drying and encapsulating the nutrient essences of raw fruits and veg. I became a customer and based on my results began recommending it.

I became a business partner with The Juice Plus+ Company and began working it along side my full time job with the ESB. My goal was to retire early which I achieved in 2012.

The business has developed into a lifestyle organisation where we work with and mentor people from a variety of countries and backgrounds to help them build their own business around their current work and personal commitments.

The business is expanding globally in an exciting way and we are always looking for new positive, energetic, fun and ambitious people to help us expand market share. We are a person to person business and if you believe you are a good people person, teachable, would like to inspire healthy living and develop your franchise locally / globally, part-time / full-time and build a residual income, feel free to connect with me to begin a conversation.

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