What is a plant based diet?

A whole-food, plant-based diet is centered on whole, unrefined, or minimally refined plants. It’s a diet based on fruits, vegetables, tubers, whole grains, and legumes; and it excludes or minimizes meat (including chicken and fish), dairy products, and eggs, as well as highly refined foods like bleached flour, refined sugar, and oil. I transitioned to whole food plant based diet over 3 years, so don't fell like you have to go all in on day 1. Have a listen to this 4 min video as Dr Kappler addresses this question.

Why Choose This Lifestyle

Health Benefits

We don’t have to expect chronic diseases as part of our destiny. You can take control and improve your overall health (now and future) by making this important lifestyle change as NUTRITION is way more powerful than the genes you were born with.

Science Based

The plant based lifestyle is based on science, not the latest fad or trendy diet. These benefits have been demonstrated and documented in numerous laboratory and clinical studies. The largest and most comprehensive being the China Study led by Dr. T. Colin Campbell.

Why Plant Based?

A diet rich in whole plant based foods means more nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants which are essential for optimal health. While a diets rich in animal protein and oil are contributing in large parts to the recent rise of obesity and chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and most cancers.

What are the benefits?

Here are my top 12

  1. Weight Loss                                            7.    Better Quality Sleep
  2. Better Digestion                                    8.    Mental Clarity
  3. Increased Energy                                  9.    Stronger Immunity
  4. No Counting Calories                        10.   Reduced Anxiety
  5. Glowing Skin & Shiny Hair              11.    Improved Athletic Performance
  6. Stronger Nails                                     12.    Save Money

Josh La Jaunie Transformation

Choose your food carefully


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