Getting The Edge With Nutrition

 Athletes push their bodies to the limits in pursuit of their desired goals in their chosen sport. Athletes recognise and understand the many health benefits of regular exercise including increased lean muscle mass, improved bone density, better flexibility and better aerobic and anaerobic capacity. However there is one major adverse effect that effects everyone who exercises to any degree - oxidative stress. This is of particular concern to athletes who put their bodies under extreme oxidative stress with day to day training and those high performance events as it increases as exercise becomes more rigorous.

Oxidative stress can significantly impact body repair and recovery post-exercise and as a result, hinder optimum performance. It can also lead to injuries, sickness and premature breakdown of the body over time, often manifesting as chronic diseases. However, individuals can markedly reduce their oxidative stress, the impact it has on the body and ensure the maximum health benefits from their exercise regime through proper nutrition.

Take time to learn about the importance of eating more plant based foods and the role that Juice Plus+® can play in improving health, fitness, wellbeing and performance.

Make an informed decision to help you bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat, to obtain a healthy lifestyle and fitness regime.

Proper nutrition has been shown to enhance your physical performance and ensures you are getting the maximum health benefits from your physical activity, while protecting your health in the longer-term.

David Phillips M.D. Sports Medicine.

American swimmer, 6-time Olympic medalist, Rebecca Soni says her health is the most important thing she has. To help her body keep up and recover, she makes proper nutrition a priority.

Dr. Paul Stricker a pediatrician and sports medicine specialist, stresses how critical it is for young athletes to add nutrients from whole foods to provide adequate energy for exercise and maintain a healthy immune system.



Influence is earned. Applying your influence to move others creates impact. In playing a big game, the best leaders are the best followers because they follow something bigger than themselves. Worthy and adventurous leadership always involve rescuing beauty of some sort. T30 and S+ offers influencers impact and income.
“The greatest benefit is what you’ll need to become in order to get what you want.”
Eric Worre, author Go Pro


Mastery is the ownership of repeatable skills which comes from deep practice and embracing the process. An athletic, business mindset embraces tried and proven systems to generate profits. Profits are better than wages. Profits, built alone, will never equal that of a team. That’s the PLU$+ in Sponsorship PLU$+.
“The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.”
Robert Kiyosaki


Human performance nutrition [HPN] is a higher form of sports nutrition because it serves physiological performance first and then athletic needs. Fueling for human performance is about eating well everyday: fueling cleaner, building stronger and recovering faster. Athletes do what works. Transform30 is ruthlessly practical, tried and proven.

“Today’s athletes fall short around nutrition and recovery.”
USOC human performance symposium


The opportunities are endless with Juice Plus. Not only did it fuel me to take on the world, both physically and mentally, it also gives me the chance to share an amazing lifestyle and product with the people around me. It lets me bring my athletic mindset into building a business I love and as an athletic, nothing could be better.”

Rebecca Soni, 6 Time Olympic Medal Winner

“Sponsorship Plus+ is a great initiative to help athletes not only perform at their best with optimal nutrition using Juice Plus+, but also to give them a chance to earn an income and have financial security so they can focus on their end goal of being champions.”

John Kucera, World Champion Skier

“The Sponsorship Plus+ program is empowering athletes to acknowledge their gifted influence to help people become healthier through Shred10 / Transform 30 program and in turn creating a stable, long lasting residual income while continuing to focus on their athletic goals and aspirations.

Mark Schwan, Pro Ski Coach & Multiple Iron Man Competitor

“As an elite athletic, I need to make sure my body and my business are in line to help me achieve may dreams both in the water and out. Sponsorship Plus+ is the only thing that gives me the opportunity to do both. I have a product that supports my body and a business that supports my lifestyle, the best of both worlds”

Ariana Kukors, USA Olympic Swimmer
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